Module V1.Pkg_config

type configurator = t
type t
val get : configurator -> t option

Search pkg-config in the PATH. Returns None if pkg-config is not found.

type package_conf = {
libs : string list;
cflags : string list;
val query : t -> package:string -> package_conf option

query t ~package query pkg-config for the package. The package must not contain a version constraint. Multiple, unversioned packages are separated with spaces, for example "gtk+-3.0 gtksourceview-3.0". Returns None if package is not available

val query_expr : t -> package:string -> expr:string -> package_conf option
val query_expr_err : t -> package:string -> expr:string -> (package_conf, string) Stdlib.result

query_expr_err t ~package ~expr query pkg-config for the package. expr may contain a version constraint, for example "gtk+-3.0 >= 3.18". package must be just the name of the package. If expr is specified, package must be specified as well. Returns Error error_msg if package is not available